The jute and rug shop was in a poor state. There was little to space to walk, shopkeeper had no place to sit, there was no proper ventilation and no proper storage and the display of the shop was such that it was blocking the pavement too.


The clothing shop “Chocolate” had the smallest of entrance, mannequins were displayed outside the shop blocking the pavements and creating a problem for other shoppers. When we entered the shop, everything was packed and displayed without any effort or aesthetics.


Our next hunt was Poonam Tailors. We found this shop in a dingy,dim basement where we had to think twice before going. The shop had no ventilation. It was a cramped place where   there were more tailoring equipment than the number of tailors. The fitting room was more of a store with hardly any space for anyone to even stand, let alone change.

Finally we have come to our micro area which is Poonam Tailors. This shop offers us a lot of scope to work on. The various areas of design intervention are as follows:

  • marketing and creative campaign
  • space styling
  • recycling
  • storage

Before we start working on these areas, we have to create a 3D model of our micro area. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best !!!



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