Aye Aye captain,we have sailed the boat!

We had the following genres to choose our topic from: Indian / International craft /Folk/Tribal Art /Design Movement / Bio mimicry. The other 4 categories were absolutely incommensurable.Hence I decided to choose 3 crafts – temari (a Japanese craft ) , origami ( a Japanese craft ) and chikankari ( an Indian craft ) . After my research on these 3 topics ,I pinned to choose chikankari . I did so because it was an “INDIAN” craft and primary information was handily available. Plunging more into the topic, I discovered how a dead craft revived over time and that grabbed my interest more. Having removing the anchor and setting the ship on sail … let us see if we sink or swim …..



ART – It is any piece of work that is exclusive. It is not reproduced again and again and is a highly valued work .

DESIGN – It is a piece of work produced to gratify our needs . There is a problem area and design is the solution

CRAFT – It is also a need based piece of work. It has a high market value . It is of some utility for the users .



I am Sana Kapur. I am pursuing Fashion Styling and Image Designing at Pearl Academy. I did my schooling from G.D. Goenka Public School , Vasant Kunj.    I have chosen Pearl Academy  for the results it has produced over the years and pine to be one of its finest products .

I am an avid artist who  loves to dance and paint. I am a strong believer of the saying “shop till you drop !”. I pine to fully actualize my self in this life and gain from my every experience.  I aspire to be a successful businesswoman .

My motto in life is: You have to be a dreamer to be an achiever.

‘Pen Your Thoughts’ will take you through my college journey. Like an everyday journal, I will be sharing my daily experiences with you all .Tread with me through my challenges of this semester. Having said so, my first challenge is to explore a craft that was once dead but now contributes tremendously to the Indian economy ‘chikankari ‘. C’mon friends, let us see what unfolds…..